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and change this to help our youth. >> by law existence of the california med board is set to expire next year but raums have the power to keep it going. >> san jose police hoping home security cameras can help them solve the city's ninth homicide of the year plea, say someone called 911 to report a man had been shot at about 4:30 this morning. the victim died at the scene. investigators are reaching out to neighbors to see if it shooting was maybe caught on video. in san francisco, police trying to determine how a man found crushed to death inside of a bart elevator managed to get into the elevator in the first place. the homeless man apparently was sleeping on top of the elevator with his personal belongs. >> cardinals gathered today before the conclave gets underway tomorrow. david ono how some go in a pope others come out a cardinal it was the final chance to have their say before it's time to vote. one last opportunity to speak out. >> this process immediately before going into this sistine chapel to do voting is trying to assess, you know those that are phone shall candidates and get a c
carrier but the president wants to change that. >> yes. michael finney is here with another change that could unlock phone autos this is people rising up and going are you kidding me? the white house heard from 114,000 smart phone customers. they signed a petition saying they want the right to switch carriers. the president says he agrees. the white house wants to change a rule making it a crime to switch carriers. that rule took affect january 26th aplaying to phones purchased and a lot of people will reduce competition among carriers. relaxing rules will take an act of congress so change will be slow. mercury insurance filed a lawsuit to block a decrease in insurance rates. the state insurance commissioner ordered kpt to reduce rates by 8%. that decision was based on a review of the revenue and expenses. so about 270 home owners are about to get insurance. the lawsuit will delay price breaks for homeowners. >> nothing speaks of madison avenue like the dollar. sheer proof. subtle ads are forcing adults to make decisions about their between-aged daughters. no longer is sexy under w
big changes in terms of tunnels but also another big change getting around town. reminders for people on the golden gate bridge. cruise installed giant signs above the toll plaza to let drivers know tolls will be electronic starting on wednesday. there no toll takers you can set up an account or get a bill in the mail after crossing the bridge. all changing on wednesday. >> all for better right? >> coming up hate being locked into two year sell krel phone plans? one carrier could make that a thing of the past. >> archie the dog, stolen on bart, back home. you're going to hear from the happy relieved owner. >> i'm abc 7 news sandhya patel live from the roof of the kgotv broadcast center get ready for showers. i'll let you know if this will >>> new on abc 7 news at 5:00 we have great mus to report about a missing dog. the little dog has been found. look how cute and returned to its owner. john? >> you're right archie is back safe and sound. bart says charges are pending against people who had the dog. this is archie spending time with corinne. he is a registered service dog who helps he
rigs of foorts many firefighters have long been pushing to change what is called technical bulletin 117. a state regulation adopted requiring foam, furniture to withstand a 12-second expo sthour a fall open flame. a former are fire captain says chemicals used to meet that standard gave him cancer. >> we're now faced with a chemical puzzle that we're exposed to. we believe that flame retardant, a large piece of the puzzle has to be eliminated. >> that left question of studies that show the chemicals can cause cancer, description, and lower iqs in children. the panel heard the last comment on governor brown's change. he wants to eliminate the open flame test requiring a smolder only test which manufactures could meet. >> they're ingested by people and pets. >> the chemical industry is opposed to the change. it truly believes chemicals are safe and by slowing down house fires, they're saving lives. >> that does not address or meet the governor's mandate for safer furniture. >> the panel expected to decide this year whether the change should go through. what companies make for california ma
get much from the rain. >> enjoying suchblt i have to tell you things have changed in just the last several minutes here. temperatures 73 degrees. 16 degree drop. we have sea breeze back. and you can't see behind me. so change is underway. you'll see first signs of weekend storm. that is not moisture it's just a band of clouds. it's too dry at lower layers to make it to the ground just yet. you can see fog and high clouds above. it's been a beautiful, warm spring day that is about to change. it's 50 in half moon bay and a chilly day. only 57 so far. because of the fog. taking a look at the view you can see temperature temperatures. los gatos made it to 82 today. i know, it's hard to believe. a chance of showers, then, showers looking likely easter sunday. so let me show you weather system going to bring us wet weather this weekend. winds ahead of the system brought us warmth today, this area of low pressure moves towards bay area we're going to see the storm coming up tomorrow morning 6:00 a.m. really could be cloud cover here, heading into noon, by 5:00 p.m. we're looking at a chan
in berkeley may be cut. that is because a change means a decade of grants will no longer be available. nick smith has that story. you'll find two theet things. a lady bug searching for a resting place and this little guy. >> sometimes we go to the table and we eat stuff. >> this is daunte. he's a kindergartener in berkeley. and he already knows that what he grows here will end up here. >> one of 14 schools with an edible school yard producing a cooking and gardening program funded by a federal grant. the chefs teach their students the value of know about the food they eat. >> i want to eat more and more. >> but this movement to connect the students may end. >> the problem is that we're losing funding. >> requirements are changing. funds that had been gogt program are being redirected by the state and other agencies. cutting the program, he says has wide ranging implications. >> i believe you can learn about every area. >> the school board pledged that they'd work to develop a plan to keep the program in place. >> despite the loss of dollars. >> i think some look like they're almost ready in
you. >> we'll see you later on. a supervisor wants to change a law giving antiabortion advocates freedoms to protest in front of health clinics. an ordinance says they must stay eight feet away. but a quirk let's them protest near the door as long as they stand still. >> the buffer would create space around the front door that a pro testor could not enter. >> they're not going to make us go away. we're here. here to support women. we'll be as close as we can. >> this would keep pro testors 25 feet from the entrance of clinicsline like planned parenthood. >> we have new information about a deadly race car crash over the weekend that killed two people. >> one of them is a teenager. 17-year-old chase jond ondriving a race car that slammed into his 14-year-old cousin marcus johnson and a man with him. wayne freedman is live tonight. everyone is just devastated. >> they are. the school is empty today. it's out for break but the people are devastated. the kmunlt is devastated. the news today from the family they have a feeling whatever went wrong that car had to do with this steering w
with a look. sandhya? >> things are starting to change quickly. as i show you, you'll see sprinkles, and some light showers right now. up in the north bay, i'm going to take new closer here so you can get a closer look as to where we're seeing light returns around lakeville. we're also seeing light nod rit rain around shellville, napa road down to street level here. we're looking at some heavier returns. not all of this is reaching the ground around napa road, highway 12, and as i pull out here i want to show what you is just off the coast line. moisture about 62 miles from san francisco getting here in the next couple hours. so steady rain coming up as you can sthee animation here. we'll see steadier rain in overnight hours continuing then at 5:00 a.m. scattered showers for the start of the commute by 1:00 p.m. cold front coming through the bay area but starts to fall. we're looking at light to moderate rain. i'll let you know how much rain we'll receive here and how long you'll need to hang on to umbrella autos crews from the water department are still mopping up the mess from a water main
underway to change that. abc 7 news explain what's lawmakers are trying to do. >> if law enforcement wanted to read letters or other paper corresponds they have to get a warrant but in this age of technology you don't have the same protections. if your e mail has been opened or more than six months old law enforcement can read them. >> in cases the law is confusing and has permitted the government to search your e mails. >> investigators look at e mails, that is not always the case. e mail privacy became a debate after the cia director general petraeus resigned or an extramarital affair. privacy experts asked what protections do ordinary people have? >> no warrant no. records. >> state senator leno wants to define the line in california. electronic communications should nobody different. they're all private. >> all we're seeing is that we'll make the case there is a reasonable cause to believe illegal activity is ongoing. >> this could require agents get a warrant before asking service providers to hand over e mails. companies would then have to tell you they d some require a warrant but no
-year-old henry chang on slope boulevard. the teenager celebrated her birthday that day. brewer charged with driving under the influence and vehicular manslaughter. >> coming up the bay area city putting brakes on red light camera autos the trio at the center of the standoff at sea have their day in court. the tail tale prosecutors say one of them told. >> then, from michael finney an important warning for those getting a tax refund and taking out a personal loan. abc 7 news at 5:00 continues in just a moment. for over 75 years people have saved money with... ohhh... ...with geico... ohhh...sorry! director's voice: here we go. from the top. and action for over 75 years people have saved money with gecko so.... director's voice: cut it! ...what...what did i say? gecko? i said gecko? aw... for over 75 years...(laughs. but still trying to keep it contained) director's voice: keep it together. i'm good. i'm good. for over 75...(uncontrollable laughter). what are you doing there? stop making me laugh. vo: geico. saving people money for over seventy-five years. gecko: don't look at me. don't
's here. >> chang had participated in a kk race at candle stick. she lived only a few blocks from where the accident occurred. today a prayer service was held by the archdiocese at the site. students have signed a petition asking for more, or better traffic enforcement. >> we think you'd be nice to have maybe a stop light, a stop sign to remind cars students cross the road every day. >> the coach had a private moment with students in which he offered words of encouragement for the team of. >> maybe she's looking up for us right now. >> improvements are scheduled at three intersections to increase pedestrian safety but neighbors say they would like to see more traffic lights there as well. >> leanne, thank you. san francisco bicyclist who ran over and killed a pedestrian hz been ordered to stand trial. the 36-year-old walked out minutes said there was evidence to try him for felony vehicular man slaught yes, prosecutors say he knocked a 71-year-old to the ground ground crack his skull. >> we believe the consequences have to reflect that behavior. >> the defense argued that he did not run
. the last sunday in winter, and get ready for big changes in the upcoming work week. we're expecting >> crews are working on a water main break in downtown sausolito. caledonia street downtown is closed. you can see why here. until repairs can be madement the road buckled there. no homes or businesses are flooded. the main belongs belongs to thee municipal water district. no word how long it might take for repair crews to fix the road. >>> happening now. thousands of people are making their way to tt tt at&t park for the world baseball classic, and many attendees may be in sticker shock when they pull up to a metered spaces. surprises have increased to $7 an hour. this is the first major event at the park when the new prices will be enforced. meters usually cost $5 an hour but will jump two dollars more during giants games and other events. >> a san francisco cab company is offering three rides for into those who celebrate too much between the hours of 10 and 4 al. you must mention bird injury lawyers. they're the sponsors of the program. >> we'll take a look how they're celebrating
. things are about to change for us. scattered clouds overnight tonight. partly cloudy conditions for your monday afternoon, and then showers likely across much of the bay area as we head into the latter part of the work week, lows tonight, coming up a few more degrees because the clouds will filter in. so generally in the north and east bay locations, near 40 degrees, and warmer towards san francisco, and richmond you see there overnight tonight, 47 degrees with clouds. so here's the setup. a nice spring weekend thanks to this area of high pressure. as it pushes off towards the east. more cloud will start to fill in tomorrow, and we're going to keep a close eye on this area of low pressure and cold front because this could wing out -- wring out a few showers. this is monday. by 5:00 tomorrow afternoon, clouds on the increase. check out tuesday. tuesday morning commute looks dry. but looks like as we head into the latter past of the afternoon, 1:00, 2:00, 3:00, some showers will venture insuring mainly the north bay. 3:00 tuesday afternoon and then by tuesday night, more clouds will start
to change. >> will it make a difference? the reason chevron's >>> president obama made it clear he wants to improve early childhood education. nancy pelosi called attention to the severe shortage of child care options in the bay area. leanne? >> well, near california there are 300,000 children on waiting lists to get into a quality center. the president started a destruction. and as soon as president obama turned to the spotlight on child care, women around the nation began a serious dialogue about raising children while trying to thrive in the work place, one of the women was facebook's cheryl sandberg continuing to encourage women to be more ambitious. that received criticism. she told fortune cheryl sandburg is both super human and rich. the attorney says sandburg's advice doesn't make sense to most working moms. >> i feel it's a struggle and there are sack figs fiss. you never -- it's hard to find a balance. something is suffering whether your career or family live. >> cook says she's lucky to be able to afford child care. those who can't sometimes end up leaving the work force. >> w
a bestseller tonight. watch what you eat for two days. the rest of the week, do what you want. juju chang in the kitchen with the doctor behind it. >>> good evening and thanks for joining us here on sunday night. we begin with the headline out of london. queen elizabeth is in the hospital, doctors believe she's battling the stomach flu. at 86 years old, they want to keep a close eye on her. it comes after a busy week, among her events, officially opening a new hospital in london just days ago. but for now, all appearances are on hold. this evening in london there's an outpouring of concern for her well-being and jeffrey kofman leads us off. >> reporter: david, the queen is spending the night here at this private hospital. she'll be under close observation, but the palace emphasizes she was admitted
more about music therapy and ability to change lives of children battling the illnesses. >> music opens up mer than just engaging verbally. i hope you'll join me this sunday right here on abc 7 for a special program "just like me". >> we'll join you. weekend is here. rain, gone. >> sandhya patel looking at that and more. >> yes. go ahead, break out shades this weekend. it's going to be bright, sunny skies and warmer. so it's going to be a nice looking weekend. you'll see rain is long gone. we still have clouds that are scattered in nature, in the sierra nevada we're seeing snow and thunderstorms. heading up towards sierra. chain controls on state route 88 and four. looking at the view from our tv heavenly is seeing from three to 14 inches of snow f you want to do spring skiing it's going to be sunny. temperatures now 53 in san francisco. it's 52 degrees in san jose. here is a different perspective from our high definition mount tamalpais camera. cameras bouncing. it's blustery out there. it's 52 degrees in union city. up to 40 miles per hour out of the west. gusting to 29 in oakland wit
happened today at the big cat sanctuary. >> the major life changes that do more than just stress you out. the heavy toll they can play on your health. join us at 6:00. >>> now, if you don't worry, google says it's not planning on going into the sneaker business, but if it did, the shoes might look something like this. a team at google took a few pairs of sneakers, crammed in a computer, a pressure sensor, gyroscope, speaker, and blue tooth. it can tell what you're doing and send the info to your phone. the shoes will not be on sale. can you recent shover foot in there? i'm ama daetz. for leigh glaser and mike shumann thank you for joining captioned by closed captioning services inc. >>> welcome to "world news." tonight the front-runners from rome where the cardinals are visiting churches across the city, saying mass, being greeted like celebrities. one of these men will be the next pope. who are the most likely candidates? >>> weather watch, a winter blizzard driving across the heartland, kicking up a hail storm, as both coasts get an early shot of spring. what can you expect for tomorro
overnight and near 80 degrees inland tomorrow, we'll look at little change throughout the weekend high pressure will call spots again tomorrow, temperatures rise more degrees. it's a dry pattern right on throughout the weekend. but... don't put umbrellas too far. i was just checking and could be rain in the future, tomorrow morning areas of fog, coast bay and some parts of the delta. temperatures will remain on the comfortable side. fog will slow you down in spots. you'll notice fog will start to pull away but not completely. temperatures into 50s there. near 80 degrees for wednesday. that is going to be the warmest day. los gatos 80 degrees. sunshine on the pin anyone la. 62 in half moon bay. 60 in pacifica. downtown 68 degrees, temperatures coming up there. 63 in the sunset district. you'll see 50s coast side. fog angs around. east bay, beautiful day. 72 oakland. inland areas, up into 80s in livermore and brentwood. walnut creek, 77 degrees. here is a look at the accu-weather forecast. we'll see temperatures starting to drop thursday, friday. cloud cover drops down with breezy condit
closing times will not change. >> news from mars making rounds this week. >> coming up next rover mission at >>> i'm ama daetz. reaction from the city for the historic selection. unique perspectives on the pontiff from local church leaders also a progress report on a fourth floor of the caldecott tunnel. features will make this a roadway. and the life of pi. the number not the movie and the unusual celebration for the math at that time matt cal content. those stories and more coming up at 6:00. dan, cheryl, back to you. >> we're looking forward to seeing that. >> coming up a big week for science and space lover autos a replica of the curiosity landed on the capitol this week. >> it's the same size as curiosity which is exploring mars. it also features first two rovers to show off the evolution of the robot. >> it's all part of california aerospace week. nasa says to educate about impact of the aerospace contributions to the world. >> and the scientists honored on monday in sacramento. >> yes. good stuff there. >> world news is coming up next.
pueblo use of e verify called activists to call for a change. now experts are warning of pit falls. >> if you're going to have employment verification it has to qum a road map of legal slaigs. -- legal yi saigs. >> she says studies show the data base has errors and workers need time to correct errors. >> if you apply for a job, you get the job. ten, employer does the check. it comes back saying you're not you're not eligible to work. >> he says needs to be safeguards. there are groups that tend to be excluded. women, people with hiven yaited names are problematic. how big of a problem? we're work on the story for abc 7 news at 6:00. >> people in san francisco may soon may more to get to get their trash picked up. right now, single family homes paying rn around $21 a month. saying it costs more to collect waste today than it did when rates took affect three years ago. if the city goes along witness, rates will go up in september. >> and still to come type of work could increase a woman's chance of getting cervical advancer -- cans year a parking lot turns into a deadly landing strip
to charge for their homes. >> and the nfl's newest safety rule you're going see how this will change the sport why it's hitting some the wrong way. those stories and more coming up at 6:00. >> and don't forget we have this incredible service for you if have problem was taxes or questions our tax line is open right now. >> we have a team of accountants answering questions. this is a live look at the teamworking hard to answer your calls. it's a popular service we do every year and really terrific experts. they will be able to answer whatever question have you. >> and united way is also a part of this. if you need to reach them you can call. >> tax hot line active until 8:00 stoont. grab receipts and call. >> big thank you to folks volunteering tonight that. is going to do it for us. >> from all of us here, >>> this is "world news." "world news."ve manhunt. manhunt.tion at close range. r governor near tears. > he cared deeply about his staff, his family, and the ommunity. >> a search tonight for a earch tonight for a official on the doorstep of his home. >>> facing the threat. >>> faci
to provide with us a dry pattern for the weekend and into next week before seeing changes come here, tomorrow, tonight we're going see clear skies into tomorrow high clouds will just will spill into the top of high pressure so we'll call it filtered lichblt -- sunshine. temperatures on the cool side fchl have you plans 38 in santa rogsa. low to mid-40s under clear skies. and tomorrow afternoon, check out highs. comfortable 70 degrees in san jose. 65 in san ma dayo los altos close to 70 degrees. clear near the coast upper 50s along the coastline. we'll go with 60s, 70s except along the immediate coast. stintson beach 57 degrees up to 69 in santa rosa. so east bay communities 58 in oakland. up to 70s in antioch. here is a look at the accu-weather forecast. it's a nice mild weekend of spring. 60s around the bay. we'll see temperatures coming down for your monday and tuesday. chance of showers thursday. looks like we'll have to wait until friday until we can see a real possibility of rain so... you know precipitation probability going up a little bit friday. >> more still to come on that. >> yes.
is changing. let me show you what it looks like. so far 6/100ths so they're seeing light showers. this light green is measuring into santa cruz mountains. boy just be aware of the fact there will be drops out there. you can see clouds and breeze blowing here. san francisco 56 degrees. it's 64 in san jose. check out the vu. you can see sun trying to peek through clouds. a beautiful view here. temperatures now 62 in union city. highlights, spotty showers for thursday. a brief warm up coming on friday. then, scattered showers into the forecast this holiday weekend if you f.you have plans i'll show you what is going to happen. with weak systems coming through here, we'll go mostly cloudy with spotty showers into thursday. looking here, we'll start at 7:00 p.m. some clearing near coast. light showers developing. 5:00 a.m. for start of the commute they're scattered and light. then ahead into afternoon hours we can see showers at 2:00 p.m. now an area of low pressure off the coastline spinning here friday is a nice day. saturday, we see possibility of showers by afternoon. and sunday, scattered sho
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